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Gluma Etching Gluma Etching

Gluma Etching

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  • Product description : New Heraeus 35% Gluma Etching Dental Material
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Gluma Etching

GLUMA Etching are etching agents based on phosphoric acid. 

GLUMA Etch etchants are available in two forms and two strengths to provide dentists with a choice.

GLUMA Etch 35 Gel use the traditional strength of 35% phosphoric acid. GLUMA Etch 20 Gel, with 20% phosphoric acid, provides just enough conditioning of enamel and dentin, resulting in less loss of tooth structure and equal bond strength.
Accurate and safe

Coloured for easy identification

Available in 2 different acid concentrations

Perfect viscosity:stay where you place it


No seperation: Delivery is always clean and easy


Vibrant purple color :Highly visiable


Rinses clean with minimum effort : easy to use

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