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  • LK-T01-5 Surgical Light
LK-T01-5 Surgical Light

LK-T01-5 Surgical Light

  • Product Item : LK-T01-5 Surgical Light
  • Product description : LK-T01-5 5 Reflector Surgical Light
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LK-T01-5 5 Reflector Surgical Light

1)  24 Volt of extra low voltage rated for shadowless lamp;
2)  soft luminous beam and easy focusing adjustment
3)  broad acting extent as required by actual clinical requirement.
4)  operating principle
In this shadowless lamp, a set of Luminescent lights arranged in annular chimney will synchronously
illuminating in various directions and focusing on a certain point within the specified focal range so that the
well-balanced, uniform, bright and shadowless illumination can be attained within the operation required space.
Reflected light will be treated with the combination of color filter and heat-absorbing devices.

Main Performances and Data
1) Power Supply: AC 220V±4V、50Hz±1Hz;
2) Input Power: 150VA;
3) Light Power: 25W;
4) Illumination: not less than 60000Lx;
5)  Color temperature: 4000±500K;
6)  Temperature rises: not more than 10℃;
7)  Cartridge fuse: RF φ5×20/1A(for connection to power supply network);
8)  Overall Dimensions: 114cm×67cm×30cm;

Normal Operating Conditions
1)  Ambient Temperature: 10℃-30℃;
2)  R.H Limitation: ≤80%;
3)  Barometric Pressure Range: 860hPa~1060hPa;
4)  Power Supply: ~220V±4V;
5)  Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz;
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